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News and Notes for Fall 2020

News and Notes for Fall 2020

by Lindsey Freer -
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Hi everyone, 

As we prepare to launch the first mod of Fall 2020, Digital Pedagogy has some notes and updates for both faculty and students.

Course Visibility: Students, if you can't yet see a course in which you are enrolled, it is because the faculty member has chosen not to make that course visible just yet. All Mod 1 courses will be made visible the morning of Monday, August 24th, in order to ensure access on the first day of classes. If you are unable to access your Mod 1 courses by 12 PM Eastern time on Monday, August 24th, please double-check your registration in my.mtholyoke.

Self-Enrollment: Students, if you are following a link in order to self-enroll in a course that allows it, and you see an unexpected message that claims you cannot do so, please just click the "Continue" button; you'll find that you'll be prompted to log in and you'll be able to enroll in the course in question.

Quickmail: Faculty, Moodle is moving away from using blocks for standalone activities, so the Quickmail tool you may have used in previous semesters is no longer automatically added to your course. We encourage you to use the Course Announcements forum as a means of contacting your students; students automatically receive posts to that forum via e-mail. If that's not workable, Quickmail can be re-enabled on a course-by-course basis; please e-mail us with the name/number of the course(s) to which it should be added. If you know you'll also want Quickmail in Mod 2, we can make that fix now.

Embedded Kaltura Videos: Faculty, if you still need to fix embedded Kaltura videos, the instructions are here. Note that this does not apply to those who added their Kaltura content as a "Kaltura Video Resource" or as a video quiz or media assignment. It only applies to those who have set up a video player on a page, a forum, or some other section of Moodle.

Faculty Support: A reminder to faculty that is monitored Monday-Friday from 9-5. If you have questions in advance of the weekend, please drop us a line today, or consider coming to our 4 PM drop-in session today (August 21) or Monday (August 24). We look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes,

Lindsey, Sarah, Matt, and Stephanie
MHC's Digital Pedagogy Team