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Updates from Digital Pedagogy (Kaltura, e-mail notifications, Add/Drop)

Updates from Digital Pedagogy (Kaltura, e-mail notifications, Add/Drop)

de Lindsey Freer -
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Hello from LITS' Digital Pedagogy team - the friendly faces behind We have a few updates for the MHC Moodle community today!

Kaltura/"My Media": We anticipate occasional delays and errors in Kaltura (your "My Media" tab) for the next several days, as the vendor completes a major infrastructure upgrade. The good news is that once these adjustments are complete, we should see speedier service in many situations. We sincerely apologize for this unexpected instability, and appreciate your patience. Please know that LITS is in contact with the vendor daily, and is sharing updating information here and on the LITS web site as regularly as possible.

E-mail subscriptions: We have adjusted everyone's e-mail notification settings, to ensure that students receive Course Announcements in a timely fashion. All Moodle users are able to use the drop-down menu below their name to manage notifications; please select "Preferences" from that list and then "Notification preferences" to customize the e-mail you receive. We strongly encourage all students to make sure they are subscribed to the Course Announcements forum for every course in which they are registered. 

Add/Drop: Faculty, if you are seeing dropped students lingering in your courses, you are welcome to get in touch, but we encourage you to wait until the conclusion of the Drop period (Friday, September 4) to see if the situation resolves itself. If after that, you've got conflicting registration information in Moodle, please let us know!

Best wishes for an excellent second week of the Mod!

Lindsey, Sarah, Matt and Stephanie
the Digital Pedagogy team