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Kaltura Update, September 4

Kaltura Update, September 4

par Lindsey Freer,
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Dear community,

We know that Kaltura has been consistent in its unreliability since Wednesday, August 26, and we apologize for the errors you are encountering, both for their frequency and their variety. We fully expected Kaltura to resolve this issue on Sunday, August 30, and the ongoing issues that have emerged as they optimize their infrastructure upgrade are taking an unacceptably long time to resolve.

LITS has been in regular contact with the vendor as they work to resolve the instability that is causing problems like the one(s) you’ve experienced. While we have strongly expressed our concerns to Kaltura about the timing of their infrastructure upgrade and the issues that remain, we are confident in Kaltura’s ability to deliver a stable user experience in the coming weeks and months. Most recently, they have devoted additional resources to working on standing issues during the U.S. overnight hours, in the hopes of speeding up the time to resolution of these issues.

Please know that this situation is not unique to Mount Holyoke. We are in regular communication with other higher education institutions from across the country -- including our colleagues at Amherst, who also adopted Kaltura this past summer. The service disruptions we are experiencing are widespread.

We have asked for better communication regarding both planned outages and emerging problems, including more detailed information on anticipated time-to-resolution, and Kaltura has begun to provide this information to us on a regular basis. If you would like to have a sense of the state of the system at any given time, especially over the upcoming holiday weekend, you are welcome to visit, which is updated three times a day by the vendor.

LITS will release its next update on the state of Kaltura on Tuesday, September 8th.

We appreciate your patience and goodwill. We are doing all we can to restore service to acceptable levels.

Thank you,

Lindsey M. Freer
Manager of Digital Pedagogy