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Course Access and Deletion

Course Access and Deletion

by Lindsey Freer -
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Undergraduate Students: Following the conclusion of the fall semester, you will lose access to courses in both Mods 1 and 2, unless prior arrangements are made with your instructor. If you know there are course materials from Mod 1 that you'll want to retain, we recommend saving them to your own personal storage as you go along.

PaGE Students: Access to Summer 2020 courses will be removed in early October. Now is a great time to save any course materials to your own personal storage for later reference!

Faculty: In accordance with our Course Access and Retention Policy, we will be deleting courses from AY 2017 (SU2016-SP2017) from Moodle in early November. Please save anything you might need from these courses to your own personal storage before November 2nd.

As always, do not hesitate to write to if you have follow-up questions about either the student access or course retention policies.