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Start-of-Semester Updates

Start-of-Semester Updates

FreerLindsey -

Welcome back everyone! We have a handful of reminders to kick off the Spring 2022 semester.

Faculty, please make your courses visible to students when they are ready for viewing. We recommend making them visible no later than the morning of Monday, January 24. If you are a student looking for a "missing" Moodle course, please rest assured that the most likely scenario is that a faculty member hasn't yet made the course visible to you.

If you need a refresher on how to add Zoom to your Moodle course, please know it's a two-step process! Zoom is first added as an activity. Turn on editing, choose "add an activity or resource", and select "External Tool." Give it a name you can all recognize ("Zoom class meetings") and select "Zoom LTI" from the list of available tools. Then, save and return to course. After the Zoom activity is present, you can click into it and use it to schedule recurring Zoom meetings for your course. Our friends at UMASS have a handy guide for this process that may be a helpful reference.

Finally, if you have Five College students enrolled in your course who may need to access electronic resources specific to Mount Holyoke, please remind them that they'll need to request a guest account. Five College cross-registrants will need to request a guest account anyway, in order to gain physical access to campus buildings once in-person teaching and learning resumes. We recommend they do it early!

The Ed Tech team has appointments available as well as a Zoom drop-in session (faculty and students welcome!) on Tuesdays and Fridays at noon; visit our support calendar for all of the links. As you are building your course you may also want to consult with Research Services about resources and training for your students -- don't hesitate to reach out!

Welcome Back!

Lindsey, Sarah, Matt, and Stephanie
LITS' Educational Technology team