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New tools to support remote learning

New tools to support remote learning

von Lindsey Freer -
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As Mount Holyoke transitions to a remote learning environment, we have added several additional features to our Moodle installation to support communication and access.

The messaging feature is now turned on, allowing you to send quick notes to other members of our community, including faculty and students. Please click on the little speech bubble to the immediate left of your name when you are logged in to begin using this feature.

We have also turned on access to the mobile app. We strongly recommend that students download the app to any smart mobile devices they may own, and practice using it, prior to departing campus. Please note that many of the features you normally use in Moodle can be accessed via the app, but some activities are not available in the mobile version. Want to know what the app can and can't do? Check out our handy comparison chart.

As a reminder, faculty seeking remote teaching support can consult the Teaching Remotely guide and can e-mail the Moodle Help team at with any questions. Resources for students are being compiled and will be available from LITS shortly.


Lindsey for the Moodle team