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Continuing support for remote learning and teaching

Continuing support for remote learning and teaching

von Lindsey Freer -
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As Mount Holyoke prepares to open its 'virtual' doors on March 30, please keep the following resources close to hand!

Students: Please consult Learning Remotely: A Guide for MHC Students. In the event that the guide does not answer a question about technology or library resources, please use the feedback form at the end of the guide to let us know what we're missing! The Learning Remotely guide is an evolving document; we would sincerely appreciate your feedback.

Faculty: In addition to the resources and suggestions we have aggregated at Teaching Remotely During A Disruption, we wanted to remind you of support opportunities available through PaGE, LITS, and TLI:

Best wishes to all for your continued success!

Lindsey, for the Moodle team