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Moodle file size limits

Moodle file size limits

di Lindsey Freer -
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While LITS has long recommended that files in Moodle be limited in size to 100 MB or less, many parts of Moodle have previously allowed for the uploading of larger files. This loophole has been closed. All file uploads must now be 100 MB or less in size.

We made this adjustment in order to continue equitably serving students with limited access, and to ensure Moodle's stability during a sustained period of heavy use.

Faculty seeking to upload lengthy videos or other large files are encouraged to review their file management options on the new "Managing Recordings" page of the Teaching Remotely guide, and are also welcome to drop by the weekday Zoom call for instructor support.

Students who may need to submit files of greater than 100 MB in size should work with their instructors on an alternative to Moodle uploads.

Thanks for your understanding,
Lindsey, Sarah, Matt, and Stephanie (the Mount Holyoke Moodle team)