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Reminder: if you use Moodle on mobile, please switch to the Open LMS app

Reminder: if you use Moodle on mobile, please switch to the Open LMS app

by Lindsey Freer -
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Our Moodle hosting provider is now supporting the Open LMS mobile app! If you regularly access Moodle from your phone or tablet, please download and install the Open LMS app today. To access our Moodle site from the new app, please type in when prompted. You will be directed to our usual login page.

As with our previous app, the Moodle tools available to mobile app users are slightly different from what is available when Moodle is accessed through a browser. Additional information will be forthcoming from the Moodle team about the app’s functionalities; the Moodle help guide will be updated in coming days.

Note for iPad users: the Open LMS app is not working reliably for iPad users at this time. The Digital Pedagogy team is aware of this issue and is working with our hosting provider on solutions. We currently recommend that iPad users access Moodle via a mobile browser on their device. We recommend trying the mobile version of Chrome, Firefox, or other well-known web browsers, in addition to the default browser on an iPad, which is Safari.

If you run into any challenges logging into the new app, please e-mail or Let us know what type of device you are using and the nature of the problem you encountered.  Screenshots can help us speedily diagnose the issue.

The previous Moodle mobile app is no longer completely functional for Mount Holyoke users. Please make the switch to Open LMS!


Lindsey, Sarah, Matt and Stephanie
LITS' Digital Pedagogy Team