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Spring Mod 2 Classes Now Available

Spring Mod 2 Classes Now Available

by Lindsey Freer -
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Welcome to the first day of a new mod! Spring 2021 Mod 2 courses have been made visible to students.

What if I don't see my course?

  1. Please be sure to check that your Dashboard view has not been modified. Log in, scroll down to Course Overview, and use the drop-down menu at the top of the box to adjust the view. Alternatively, open the left-hand navigation menu and scroll down to see if the course in question is in the list.
  2. Double-check your registration. Log into my.mtholyoke to confirm that you are registered for the course. Moodle receives all its registration information from my.mtholyoke; the Registrar's registration information is the official record.
  3. Make sure the course you expect to see is a Mod 2 course.
If after taking the steps above, you still can't see your course in Moodle, please e-mail the Moodle team with the name of the course you are missing (including prefix and course number). For example, "According to my.mtholyoke, I'm registered for ANTHR-105-04, Intro to Cultural Anthropology, but I've looked at my Dashboard and my left-hand navigation and I can't find it. Can you confirm that the course is visible to students and that I am on Moodle's roster?" Please be sure to double-check your Dashboard and your registration with the Registrar before contacting the Moodle team.